Named for the orange microfiber cloths that brings awareness to Multiple Sclerosis. This website is mobile optimized.

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Alan's Page: www.HelpCureMyMS.Today
Candy's Page: www.HelpCureMS.Today
Facebook: WipeOutMSToday
Twitter: @WipeOutMS
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Wipe Out MS is a project developed by Oklahoma City based Glass Aid. There is no affiliation between Wipe Out MS, Glass Aid and organizations listed here. This website is created to help those with multiple sclerosis (MS), their families, care givers or those that wish to join in the quest for a World Free of MS. This site can be used on all internet devices including smart phones and computers. Groups and organizations listed here may opt out upon request. Likewise links and text can be changed upon request provided that they meet dot tel guidelines. Headers are limited to 255 characters and spaces. Links and order shown can also be changed as requested. Once data is changed it instantly updates so current information can be available. Contact Glass Aid at 405-631-5823 for more information.